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Pros vs. Cons of Buying or Building a Server

Servers are becoming more affordable for SMBs and the server industry is being more flexible.

In result, we’re seeing a trend of built-in-house servers declining and SMBs buying prebuilt servers as the preferred choice.

A popular thread at Spiceworks has 35 replies whether it’s better to build or purchase a server for a business.

The overall verdict was that it’s more beneficial to purchase a prebuilt server from a popular manufacturer such as Dell.

Man smiling in network server room

The main weigh in factors include: support, compatibility, and cost.

Building and Configuring a Server In-house


  • Your IT department can handle all the issues immediately
  • Lower cost (arguable)
  • More customization


  • Lack of manufacturer support
  • Can lead to over diversification
  • You’re at fault if it breaks

Purchasing a Prebuilt or Configuring Server to Order


  • Manufacturer-backed support
  • Warranty that covers the entire system
  • Easier firmware updates and access to drivers and software
  • Tested system configurations


  • Higher-end systems may be more expensive

Small businesses with a limited IT budget may still prefer building their own server in house. However it may be not worth saving a few hundred dollars in the long run. Purchasing a server that includes a warranty and support can give you peace of mind in the event of an IT disaster and you face down-time.

In conclusion, every business has different IT needs. Does your IT department prefer to purchase prebuilt servers or build their own?